Lewis Riggleman, Blacksmith Dade City, Florida -Lewis offers a blacksmithing course held at Ramshead Forge in San Antonio, FL. The course covers forge welding, annealing, drawing out, fullering, upsetting, and most aspects of traditional blacksmithing. All levels of blacksmiths attend the course. 

Today there is a distinction between a farrier (someone who shoes horses) and a blacksmith. Today many blacksmiths create ornamental, useful ironwork, and some are also farriers. Farriers are not blacksmiths but deal in the proper care of horses' hooves and legs. In the past, part of a blacksmith's work was shoeing horses, as well as making iron tools and fixtures.

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Lewis has been involved in blacksmithing for many years. He studied blacksmithing and later joined FABA (Florida Artist Blacksmith Association). Lewis has participated in many arts and crafts shows, as well as worked as a true crafts demonstrator. The Ramshead Forge offers an introduction to blacksmithing as well as advanced training for more experienced students. Lewis Riggleman, a blacksmith and the owner/artist of Ramshead Forge.

Lewis's wife, Diane Riggleman, is a storyteller and craftsperson who demonstrates broom making, rope making and other traditional crafts throughout Florida and the Southeast.

Class Schedule

Blacksmithing Classes

2017 - 2018 Class Schedule  


 February 24 & 25 

 March 24 & 25 

 April 21 & 22 

Contact Lewis at 352-521-3515  for more information on Blacksmith Classes and custom work.


 Classes are designed for people with little or no experience in blacksmithing. Attendees need to be in general good health.